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Lens Lucid NF120-5M

Lens Lucid NF120-5M

MV lens, fixed focal f=12 mm, for 2/3" up to 5 MP sensors, with NF-mount, and micro compact size.

The LUCID NF-mount lens series features micro compact sizes with precise focal adjustments. Apply accurate imaging with reduced sizing by up to 33% compared to C-mount lenses. Compatible with all Phoenix NF-Mount models.



  • Type: MV Machine Vision
  • Focal length: 12 mm
  • Iris range: F2.0 - 16
  • Lens format: 2/3"
  • MOD: 100 mm
  • Lens Mount: NF-mount

Performance Info

The LUCID NF120-5M 2/3” 5 megapixel rated NF-mount lens provides a smaller footprint without sacrificing on performance or price. The lens provides a 40% space reduction and up to 50% weight reduction while maintaining the same imaging performance as a standard C-mount lens. When paired with the Phoenix camera, the overall cross section is within 24 x 24 mm and maintains its compactness.

Lucid lens NF-mount vs C-mount
A 12mm NF-mount lens offers a 40% smaller footprint and is almost 50% lighter than a 12mm C-mount lens.

LUCID’s internal testing has shown that compared to equivalent C-mount products on the market, LUCID’s NF-mount lens has equal or better performance from the center to the edge of the lens. The following test was performed on a 5-megapixel Phoenix camera at a distance of 30cm from the test target.

  LUCID Vision NF-Mount, 5MP, 12mm @ F/2 Equivalent C-Mount, 5MP, 12mm @ F/2
  Tangential (cy/mm) Radial (cy/mm) Tangential (cy/mm) Radial (cy/mm)
20% from center 100 95 100 92
40% from center 98 90 70 95
80% from center 65 70 40 70

NF-Mount LUCID NF120-5M, 12mm Lens Test (2 MB PNG)
NF-Mount LUCID NF120-5M, 12mm Lens Test (2 MB PNG)

C-Mount Equivalent Lens Test (2 MB PNG)
C-Mount Equivalent Lens Test (2 MB PNG)

Technical specification

Model name NF120-5M
Product family NF-5M
Product type MV Machine Vision, fixed focal, manual focus and iris
Lens format 2/3"
Focal length 12 mm
Iris range F2.0 - 16
MOD 100 mm
Angle of View 2/3" 41.20° x 31.02°
Resolution 160 lp/mm, up to 5 MP
TV Distortion < -1.20 %
Mount NF-mount
Filter Thread M22.5 P=0.5
Lock screws Lock ring
Dimension (D x L) Ø24.0 x 48.05 mm
Weight 40 g
Temperature (Operating) -10° to 50°C
Warranty 1 year


lucid-catalog-2018.pdf - English catalog of Lucid products
accessories.pdf - English datasheet of Lucid accessories


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